Six Jewish Films Everyone Should See

Choosing Six from Thousands

Movies, in their best form, not only entertain but teach. They move emotional places inside of us that we didn't know we had, bring us to tears, and have us singing along. Picking Jewish movies that everyone should see is a daunting task. Jewish films and Jewish film directors have a long history in Hollywood, and the number of films I could have chosen from reaches into the thousands. I didn't always pick the best films. I didn't always pick the most award-winning options. I just picked the movies that felt important even with all their flaws and cliches. There are some you have probably seen, and some I'm pretty sure you haven't. They are movies in the best sense - ones that will teach, make you laugh, and make you cry.

Watch them, and know that I am singing along to Yentl too -- there's no shame in loving Babs.

Malachi Kosanovich is a Jewish convert, scholar, and the mind behind Beliefnet blog On the Doorposts of My House.

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