Best Inspirational Film of 2009

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Beliefnet Film Award Winners

This year we introduce a new category in the Beliefnet Film Awards--Best Inspirational Film. The nominated films may or may not have a spiritual component, but they are all uplifting in some way.

The five movies selected in this category depict characters embracing adventure, fighting corruption, struggling against adversity, uniting for a common cause, and searching for a place to call home. While they vary in scope and tone, they all offer encouragement that there is something we can do to improve life for ourselves and others.

Click through this gallery to learn which film won the Judges' Award (there was a tie this year!) and which received the People's Choice Award, voted on by you. Also watch videos and read about about the other films that were nominated in this category. And the winners of the Best Inspirational Film of the Year are...

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