Steven Spielberg on Family

The legendary director talks about the importance of family, especially when balancing it against a successful career.

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“Love” might be an understatement. The Spielbergs own 12 horses and the stables to house them, and have had horses in their lives for 15 years. “My daughter who’s just turned 15 is a competitive jumper and she travels the country in competition jumping her horses,” says the director. “So when I saw War Horse I was maybe even more ready to tell this story.”

War Horse comes in the middle of a whirlwind period of work for Spielberg. “I’ve had no free time for the last 2 ½ years,” the director told Beliefnet. In addition to War Horse he’s been prepping the animated epic The Adventures of Tintin (another film aimed at families) and he’s currently shooting the much-anticipated biopic Lincoln. One might think that the temptation to let family slip to the wayside would be great, especially given the magnitude of the projects he’s working on at the moment. Kathleen Kennedy, his producing sidekick yet again on Lincoln, had this to say about working with Spielberg and balancing family. “We’re shooting Lincoln and we’ve done three movies back to back, and before going in I said, ‘Steven, I just have to be home for Megan’s 13th birthday. I have to be a part of planning that…I’m very very lucky that a lot of the movies I do with Steven, he’s extremely understanding. Family’s very important to him.”

The problem is compounded for Kennedy because her husband, Frank Marshall, is also a powerful and in-demand producer. While they usually leapfrog their films so that one of them is always at home, their current hectic schedule has prevented that. “We laid out a calendar and figured out when each of us could be home and who was doing what…I want to know what my children are doing all the time, within reason. They probably hate that but I want to be involved in their lives… We’re very open with one another and we communicate really well, and I hope my kids feel connected to what the two of us do, and that keeps a strong marriage and a strong family.”

And Spielberg himself? How does he handle the scheduling pressures of mega-blockbusters and the personal responsibilities of family? “I’ll tell you, what do I like to do? I always like to play with my kids. And I always have the time to do that. That’s my priority and always has been. So just interacting with my kids and being with them is great, and that’s how I relax these days.”

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