Kevin James Talks Fighting, Faith, and Making Movies for the Whole Family

Comedian Kevin James opens up to Beliefnet about the importance of education, why he loves Mixed Martial Arts fighting, and how he hopes his new movie can impact others.

Comedian Kevin James has been a staple in Hollywood ever since his sitcom debut as the King of Queens. Starring alongside such greats as Adam Sandler, Will Smith, and Vince Vaughn has made him a movie star, and now he has set his mind to using that fame to make films that the entire family could enjoy. His newest movie is called Here Comes the Boom, a movie he co-wrote and stars in. It’s the inspiring tale of a lazy teacher who takes up Mixed Martial Arts fighting as a way to save the music program at his high school. We caught up with Kevin to talk about his love of MMA, his own experience with education, and his strong catholic faith.

You love Mixed Martial Arts, and you could have set a movie about MMA anywhere, so why a school?

I love the dichotomy between the Mixed Martial Arts world, which is so opposed to the teacher world, it feels like it’s such a different life. But, the movie also needed that. It was a great way to show the selfless act that this teacher does. He wakes himself up and is inspired to perform such a great sacrifice to lay his life down, literally, for his friends. That’s really where it came from. I always loved the sport back in the day and I got to meet a lot of these fighters and see what they were really like, and they were great guys. A lot of them had the same story. You’d think that they are just tough guys, but they’re great family men. They’re very fun, regular people with a very unique job. I really just wanted to put the human side to the ultimate fighting, MMA world, and have inspiration and a big comedy on the other side as well.


Are there MMA fighters who started out as teachers?

Oh there are plenty of them, Rich Franklin, he was actually in the movie and I’m going to have him in the DVD because his scene had to get cut out of it. But he’s a champion, this guy is not really a champion in this movie (laughs), but Rich became a champion of the UFC. He’s a great, great man and a great fighter and from what I’ve heard he was a great teacher.

Is there a particular teacher in your life that inspired you throughout this movie?

Definitely, there’s been a couple. It’s just that they were very supportive when I was going through school. School’s a tough time for kids, it can be very difficult. There’s peer pressure, there’s all this stuff, you have teachers that get behind you and support you and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes. I remember these teachers thirty years later and some of the principles they taught me. It doesn’t just end when school ends, and that’s what we have to remember. These teachers are really molding these kids and that cement sets. Man, you have an opportunity to shape a kid and on the flipside you could be a crappy teacher which we have those too that just let it go and not do as much. That’s very unfortunate.

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