For Greater Glory: A Movie For the World

Check out our review and interviews with Andy Garcia and the cast of the new faith inspired film For Greater Glory!

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For Greater Glory is a film that unearths an unpleasant, but infinitely inspiring piece of history. Faith and religious persecution are difficult subjects to handle in a two hour film, and For Greater Glory is as effective as it is thought-provoking. It is a movie giving voice to something most would not even think about, including the people of Mexico. The country certainly latched onto the film, as it has already been released there and has broken box office records. With its evocative shots, well-built characters, and hotly-paced action sequences, the movie is not only entertaining, it will also educate many about a history that they would not have known about otherwise. The events in the film are able to speak to us today, challenging us with what we would do to stand up for what we believe.

“It’s a universal story, it’s not specifically made for the Mexican people,” said Andy Garcia, “It’s a movie for the world.”

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