For Greater Glory: A Movie For the World

Check out our review and interviews with Andy Garcia and the cast of the new faith inspired film For Greater Glory!

Andy Garcia

Faith is a powerful thing. Through faith lives are changed, causing people to rise above themselves to accomplish the extraordinary. That is the kind of faith that inspired the real life heroes, played by a cast including Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria, and Peter O’Toole, in For Greater Glory.

For Greater Glory tells the story of Mexican religious persecution in the 1920s. The government, fearing the power that the Catholic Church held over its land, waged a violent war on those who sought to break its newly enforced laws forbidding public worship. Their actions inspired men, women, boys, girls, and even priests to both violent and non-violent resistance. While the film doesn’t gloss over the atrocities of war on both sides, it has its eye firmly set on the incredible things that the resistance is capable of through their faith. Many are willing to give their life instead of disavowing their faith, and those who have never fought are capable of waging a war against their nation’s entire army.


The movie is unearthing a part of Mexico’s history that has been expunged from many school books, and it is both a story that deserves to be told and a lesson to be remembered. “I felt so embarrassed that I didn’t know this period of time in my own country,” said Eduardo Verastegui, who plays a peace keeping member of the resistance. For Eduardo and his fellow native cast members, the movie is a chance to “go back in history and learn from the mistakes that we committed.”

Many members of the cast met and communicated with the families of the characters that they portrayed. Academy Award nominee Andy Garcia played General Gorosteita, a decorated and thoroughly non-catholic general who joins the resistance to fight for religious liberty. “Last week I got a letter from the granddaughter of Gorosteita,” Garcia recalls, “she wrote me a very beautiful letter saying that she was very emotional in watching the film and the fact that the film honored her grandfather, and that she felt from her point of view that for many years his endeavors and commitment to this fight had never really received any credit.”

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