5 Surprising Folklore Twists

The Huntsman


The story of Little Red Riding Hood sometimes ends on a happy note in which the Grandmother and little girl are alive and safe. In several versions a woodcutter (or a huntsman) comes by and rescues the two women from the wolf. In the Brothers Grimm version of "Children’s and Household Tales", which was published in 1812, a huntsman stops to help the Grandmother and little girl (who was known as Little Red Cap).

As he cuts open the belly of the sleeping wolf the Grandmother and Little Red Cap jump out. Soon they fill the sleeping wolf’s belly with rocks, and when the wolf wakes up, he is unable to run away. The huntsman has captured the wolf, and Little Red Cap is safe with her Grandmother. Sometimes it seems that people really can live happily ever after.

Photo of Shiloh Fernandez as Peter.

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