Best and Worst Moments of the 2013 Oscars

Beliefnet's Entertainment expert and Movie Mom blogger Nell Minow counts down the 5 best and 5 worst moments of the 2013 Oscars.

BY: Nell Minow


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Worst moments of the night:

1. Seth MacFarlane was a disappointing host. He tried to have it both ways with some meta-jokes about his own performance, but buried the good lines with overkill that came across more self-centered than self-deprecating. We all like to see glamorous stars get teased, but too many of MacFarlane’s jokes, including a song about breasts, and (as Ted) asking about orgies, and making fun of the Jewish community in Hollywood were offensive.

2. Jaws music to cut off the winners? We know the show always runs over and no one whose name isn’t being listed wants to hear an acceptance speech of more than two minutes, but it is just plain rude to play the “Jaws” shark attack theme remind them that their time is up.

3. What happened to the Avengers? The stars of the biggest box office hit of last year seemed like confused amateurs as they tripped over each other’s lines.

4. The hair! What was it with the hair this year? A couple of the male winners had hairstyles somewhere between Fabio and Legolas. And John Travolta seemed to be wearing a fur hat.

5. A closing song for the losers. Really? The purpose of this show is to honor the nominees and winners and remind viewers of the pleasure, excitement, glamour, and romance of the movies. A concluding song reassuring non-winner Bradley Cooper that he can still make “Hangover 4” ended things on a sour and snarky note.


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