Top 10 Lessons Drawn from Animated Movies

'Peter Pan' (1953): Find the Child in You

Peter Pan

He was the boy who wouldn't grow up. Forever young, forever brash, forever wearing that silly hat, Peter Pan showed us what eternal youth looked like—and, in the end, it looked rather boring. How many times can you fight Captain Hook before the shtick gets tired? Perhaps that's why Peter liked Wendy so much. She was so…adult.

But if the eternal child secretly longs for maturity, adults can't shake loose the child lurking inside us, either. Dig underneath our duties and deadlines, our multivitamins, and steamed broccoli, we'll still find a desire to pick up a wooden sword and go dig for buried treasure. Sure, maybe it's unlikely we'll dig up a chest full of Spanish doubloons in our backyard—but if we give the child in us just a little bit of rein, we might uncover an unexpected smile. And that's treasure enough.

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