Top 10 Lessons Drawn from Animated Movies

'Dumbo' (1941): Different Is Good


If Dumbo had been born in an age in which beautiful elephants were featured in "Sexiest Pachyderm Alive" spreads and perfection was just a plastic surgeon away, he might never have flown. His image-conscious handlers might have whisked him away, given his ears a quick bob, and made him look just like all the other elephants.

Dumbo would have gladly agreed to a little cosmetic surgery, most likely. Why, if he looked normal, he might have eaten with the cool elephants during lunch. And he certainly wouldn't have had mean elephants posting nasty messages on his Facebook wall.

But Dumbo had to keep his huge, awkward ears—and what a blessing he did. Turns out, they were way cooler than anything found on Facebook. Without his oversized ears, he would've been a perfectly normal elephant. With them, he became a perfectly wonderful one.

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