Top 10 Lessons Drawn from Animated Movies

'Pinocchio' (1940): Listen to Your Conscience


People, particularly little wooden people, face a lot of temptation. It's so very enticing to skip school and find a Pleasure Island all your own, where you can drink and play pool to your heart's content. It all seems so enticing—until you start to grow longer ears and a tail and hee-haw like a donkey.

Yes, such shortsighted thinking leads right to the salt mines, as poor little Pinocchio painfully discovered. Had he listened more intently to Jiminy Cricket, his diminutive, dapper-dressing conscience, he might not have turned so mule-headed. Once our wooden wonder stopped pining for forbidden pleasures and started listening to his guardian insect, things got a lot better. Well, at least until the whale came along.

But even Monstro proved to be a momentary blip in Pinocchio's quest to be a real boy. The film shows that we're not really human until we stop living for ourselves and sacrifice for someone else. Thanks, Jiminy.

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