'My Father Was a Wildfire'

The only son of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash talks about his parents' faith, their relationship, and their musical legacy.

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There is not a lot of attention paid to his recovery from addiction. Was that on purpose?

Really, the movie ends where he's beginning to clear up. There isn't much focus on his recovery.

You have a strong faith. How much of that do you owe to your parents?

My father told me early on about having a life in God. Their faith was the light of their life. They always professed it--their faith and their relationship with Christ. I learned by example, from watching them get through their struggles. They'd always come back to their faith. My father and mother were together because of their faith.

Through all of my father's struggles--which are evident in the film--the audience can see that faith in God would help to provide him with truth, vision, and direction. So faith was always very important to me. I think early on in life maybe, as so many people do, I rebelled against one thing or another--whether it be music, whether it be the freedom that comes from the relationship with God. I had to go through my own struggles to find my relationship with God. That relationship that I've built has been a result of my own struggles. Sometimes, you find peace through misery. Having said that, what's most important for me to do now is to keep my peace. And the way I do that is through prayer and a life with God.


"Nobody could save him from anything."

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