Faithful Movies

If you think Hollywood is just a den of iniquity, these films may change your mind.

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20th Century Fox has leapt to the forefront, launching a faith-friendly version of their website (

) that features religious- and family-oriented films, and announcing their commitment to produce a baker's dozen of films for this audience. Fox also announced the establishment of relationships with born-again actors like Judge Reinhold and Stephen Baldwin, making an appearance with Baldwin at this year's Christian Booksellers' Convention to promote his new film "Midnight Clear."

Other upcoming or recent movies and TV series being marketed to Christians include:

"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe":

One of the most anticipated films of this holiday season. Disney held a reception for the film at the Christian Booksellers' Convention, and a slew of new books on the Christian aspects of the film (and the C.S. Lewis book on which it is based), being released. Speculation has run rampant about how faithful the film and its planned sequels will be to the Christian allegory at the heart of Lewis' adventure tale, and Disney has marketed the film heavily in faith communities. Trailers are currently in theaters, and the film will open December 9.


Strawberry Shortcake goes biblical, Johnny Cash stays faithful.

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