Andy Dick Finds God the Hard Way

The comedian talks about comedy, Christians, and talking to God.

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Do you think vulgar comedy has peaked?
It will always be around. Again, the vulgar stuff is easy. The subtle, more slice of life type of stuff, you have to be smarter to come up with that stuff. The people who do both or stay [subtle], they'll work longer. Why do you think Bill Cosby has gone from TV show to TV show to TV show?


Tell me about your religious background.

I grew up Presbyterian, just a basic Protestant upbringing. There were years in my life when I would go to church every Sunday and to Sunday school. Then I just phased out of it. I believed in God my whole life, and then strayed away from it in my teen-age years, until recently.


I struggled with drugs and alcohol. And I struggled with fame, which made me struggle [more] with drugs and alcohol. I got some success, almost by default. I was working in bars where you drink and you perform--they went hand-in-hand. It is a slippery slope and you can go down fast, and you can not come back.

Luckily, I always maintained a dialogue with God, especially in my darkest hours. You know it is like that footprints poem. It really is like that for me. When I was at my worst—I really am trying not to cry right now—I was really in contact with God, just praying with conviction to just please get me out of this.

I find it harder to pray when everything is going great. I try to be in that attitude of gratitude. That is what I love about this show ["Less Than Perfect"]. I love having [co-stars] Sherri [Shepherd] and Zach [Levi] here. If you notice, my dressing room is sandwiched between them. I am protected, surrounded by angels from heaven. They're here to help me. I actually struggled through the first part of this season. I've been on shows that have not been so good for me, that wound me up in that dark place. So I came in here apprehensive, like, "Here comes another one!" The last time I was on a show for five years, I went to rehab twice.

It has been the opposite here. I have these two angels protecting me. And we pray before every show. Just to have people like that around you brings you up to that level. I went to church with both of them. They took me to the Oasis Christian Center, which is great. I love it.

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