Q & A with Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman, social commentator, discusses the key interviews of his career and his book One Question.

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In One Question: Life-Changing Answers From Today’s Leading Voices, social commentator and radio host, Ken Coleman, invites readers to peer over the shoulder of a master interviewer’s conversation with 34 of America’s most notable influencers, including political candidates, business leaders, best-selling authors, and religious newsmakers of our time. Their responses are sure to inspire, motivate, and at times, surprise readers.

Coleman believes that asking the right question can reveal truths that we might not otherwise know, allow us to get to the heart of the matter, and provide transformational answers that we can act on. Coleman, who is the Emcee of the Catalyst Conferences, America’s largest evangelical leadership event, reminds that Jesus was able to instruct and induce change by using questions to reveal truth and transform those in His presence.

So we interviewed the famous interviewer and asked him: 

Why did you decide to become a journalist? Did you always want to get into this career path?


I am a communicator and terrifically curious with a driving passion to maximize people and organizations so media is the platform where my sweet spot resides. I knew as a teenager that I had a public call on my life but gravitated towards media in my late twenties.

Is there a specific interest category that appeals to you? (I.e. Sports, International News, etc.)

The legendary Larry King once described himself as a "generalist" and I certainly resonate with that. I read and observe across a broad spectrum because I am interested in how and why things are happening. What interests me most are stories of people making a difference and how high achieving people and organizations tick.

Do you prefer TV, radio or writing as your outlet? Why?

I enjoy all of the mediums because the engagement is different with each but television combines the best of each medium.

What made you decide to write the book One Question?

I wanted to provide a timeless collection of wisdom on the issues that affect us all in the different seasons of life and in doing so, awaken people to the power of curiosity.

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