T.D. Jakes: It's time to forgive

He's the pastor of one of the biggest churches in America. He says it's time to "Let It Go" so that you and I can be forgiven

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in politics have reached a level whereby we have lost all sensibility and reason.”

But forgiveness is key to our society’s survival, he says. Inability to forgive is “a cancer that left unattended will spread.”

Jakes promoting "Jumping the Broom"

Jakes not only writes books and preaches, but was executive producer for the film Jumping the Broom last year as well as Woman Thou Art Loosed currently in theaters – and an upcoming movie featuring the late Whitney Houston. Does he ever wish he had said something that might have touched Houston – that might have saved her life?

"Yes, but I didn’t know her until she came to work on the set of the film,” he says. “I don’t think that people really accept therapy and counseling from people that they’ve just met. So, I don’t have that kind of struggle, but I certainly do with people I knew well. I’ve thought maybe if I had said something else or if I had done something else I could have really made a difference. But really making a difference in somebody’s life is a very strong investment of time and energy and closeness."

Jakes on the cover of Time magazine


“I don’t think many times people really respond well to people that they have no reason to open up to. A friend of mine one said ‘The kingdom of God advances amongst friends.’ That is so true.”

What about the rest of us, who kick ourselves, knowing we should have done something when we sat silent?

“In such situations, it’s very important to forgive yourself – because we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. People who cannot forgive themselves find it difficult to forgive other people. How we treat other people has a lot to do with how we treat ourselves.

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