Bestselling author tells Oprah she's battling cancer, but not mad at God

The co-writer of "The Shadow Effect" with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson and "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" was furious with the Almighty ... at first

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“Also, I didn’t want the projections that happen when you tell people news like I share with Oprah. People say, ‘I’m sorry,’ But I would ask ‘Why are you sorry? This could be the greatest thing that ever happened to me.’”

Why reveal it now?

“It’s time,” she says. “A year and a half ago, I knew I needed to take

the year off to rest. I told my assistant ‘Don’t ask me to do any radio or any TV or any print unless Oprah calls.’

Enjoying nature

“So when Oprah called, I answered because I trust Oprah and because there is no one else in the world I’d trust more to have this conversation with.

“I feel ready because as I wrote in my new book Courage, I believe all of my life experiences are here ultimately not just to support the evolution of my own soul but to support and serve others.”

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