“Act of Valor” showcases real Navy SEALs, wives and kids ... and bullets

Producer-directors Mike "Mouse" McCoy and Scott Waugh didn't plan on inventing a new kind of movie, but realized the real thing is better than Hollywood

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But doesn’t that put the SEALs wives and kids at risk?

“Well,” says Waugh, “all we can say is that the way we went about it, none of the SEALs were worried about it. I really can’t say anymore.”

One criticism of the film is that it shows too much.

No, disagrees McCoy. “The Navy scrubbed the film for ‘TTP’ — technique, tactic and procedure. They made sure we weren’t giving away anything classified. The last thing we wanted to do was to give the playbook to the bad guys.”

Does the film offer any misinformation so as to lead America’s enemies astray?

There is a pause, then, “No,” says Waugh, “No way were we playing any games. We’re really just showcasing what the SEALs are all about.”

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