“Act of Valor” showcases real Navy SEALs, wives and kids ... and bullets

Producer-directors Mike "Mouse" McCoy and Scott Waugh didn't plan on inventing a new kind of movie, but realized the real thing is better than Hollywood

BY: Rob Kerby, Senior Editor


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been a feature. The only thing that changed was using the real guys in the movie. But somebody published that story and everybody grabbed onto it. We just never had a chance to set the record straight."

“It started out as an exploration into what would even telling the story of the SEALS look like,” says Mike “Mouse” McCoy – whose credits include producing, directing, writing, acting and just about everything else except makeup and catering. He was a stuntman in 2004’s “Flight of the Phoenix.”

A chopper at sunset

The project began with the two exploring “How would you even go about” telling the SEALs story, says McCoy. The Navy “opened the doors to us. We got to meet the men, really connect with the culture and from there we figured out what it meant to be a SEAL — these truly incredible and heroic men, their depth of brotherhood and the sacrifices they laid down in years of deployment.

“We began to see,” says Waugh, “the only way to make this movie was to film the real guys and honor their real stories.”

Jungle deployments

“Initially we were going to make an action film with professional actors,” says Waugh. “But once we met the men, we realized that they

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