Dream Work and Journaling

Write down your dreams, so you can track your future.

Have you ever wondered if your dreams are linked to your Destiny?

We spend about 1/3rd of our lives asleep and a fair chunk of our time asleep is populated with our dreams.

Of that time we may have a few “big dreams” that are related to our Sacred Purpose that can give us guidance, that we should heed. Other dreams may also be significant, but on a more mundane level!

So how do we distinguish between the normal filing kind of dream, in which nothing of any great note occurs and those that are truly portentous?

Often just by paying attention and starting a dream journal, these more significant dreams can be called forth. Like everything in life, when we pay attention to something and offer it greater reverence, it often magically shifts, allowing new insights, inklings or miracles to occur. So if you have never tried dream journaling and want to learn more about what the Divine is up to in shaping your life, then that is one of my first suggestions.

• Buy a journal and mark it “Dream journal.” Write down its purpose on the inside cover and what you hope to achieve by having it. Have a dedication ceremony and sign your declaration to honour yourself & your dreams.


• You can also keep some notes of events, thoughts and feelings which were occurring when you bought it, plus any significant dreams that seem to be linked, thus combining a spiritual journal with the dreams.

• Be sure to choose something that you feel chimes in with your unconscious mind, or that draws an emotion or feeling, rather than just a cheap notebook. Like everything in life, what you value and show reverence for, will in some way reflect this back to you and your World.

Every time I have ever chosen to do this, or been guided to do so, the same thing happens. Dreams show up in my life that seem to be laden with guidance and offer me support and nurturance even if externally, life seems chaotic.

As all great mystics and Spiritual seekers know, life can be chaotic externally, especially at times of expansion into your greater Soul self. However, it’s no reason to lose the plot internally when you have help and guidance of why it may be occurring. That’s not to say it’s always comfortable. However, having a strong Spiritual connection and working on your inner landscapes can bring a new slant and beauty to your waking life that many are completely unaware of!

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