The Softer Side of Billy Bob Thornton

The actor known for bad-boy roles discusses his inspirational movie, coping with his dad's death, and hanging out with his kids.

Billy Bob Thornton

Despite his alpha male reputation, Billy Bob Thornton--actor, director, screenwriter, and musician--wants it to be known that he spends most of his free time hanging out with his kids and watching television. Known for mature-themed films like "Sling Blade" and "Monster Ball," the much-tattooed actor stars (with

Virginia Madsen

) in the new family film "The Astronaut Farmer." In it, Thornton plays Charlie Farmer, a family man and farmer who, despite financial hardships and the mockery of his neighbors, is building his own homemade rocket ship to fulfill his lifelong dream of experiencing space travel.

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Listen to Billy Bob Thornton talk about:
On His Father's Death
Growing Up a "Semi-Catholic"
Preach Less, Act More
Being Out of the Hollywood Limelight

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Has there ever been something in your life that you've dreamed of so badly, that you'd sacrifice anything for it--like Charlie Farmer did?

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