Patricia Heaton: Faithfully Funny

The 'Everybody Loves Raymond' actress discusses the religious value of comedy and remaining grounded as a Hollywood Christian.

Patricia Heaton spent nine years as the devoted stay-at-home mom, never-can-win daughter-in-law and voice-of-reason wife Debra Barone on the popular sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond," winning two Emmys in the process. Now, Heaton, a conservative


, emcees the straight-to-DVD film "Thou Shalt Laugh," a stand-up comedy concert featuring seven Christian comedians. Heaton spoke to Beliefnet about the spiritual value of comedy, what she learned from "Raymond," and raising kids--while staying true to her values--in Hollywood.

Patricia Heaton
Listen to Patricia Heaton Talk About:
  • 'Raymond' & Her Spiritual Life
  • Her Spiritual Journey from Catholicism
  • Raising Faithful Children
  • Her Favorite Prayer

    Watch Clips from "Thou Shalt Laugh":
  • Gilbert Esquivel
  • Jeff Allen

  • What is a Christian comedian, or Christian comedy?

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