T.D. Jakes' Movie Takes Ministry to Hollywood

T.D. Jakes encourages audiences to support "Jumping the Broom" for week two.

BY: Lakesha Gadson


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In your previous interview with us about this movie, you mentioned how our individual differences have the potential to bring us together. This film addresses what happens when people get together who don’t understand each other. Can you elaborate on the importance of more movies that address these issues?

I think this is a very, very important concept. This movie does broach the subject that our whole nation needs to hear. We don’t have to come from the same background, dress alike, vote alike or even worship alike in order to find common ground, to be civil or to be respectful of one another. And I think our country is in dire need of this kind of reinforcement. Our families are in dire need because we are getting to the point that anybody who doesn’t see everything the way we see it become a villain or enemy. And if we continue down this path, we don’t have to worry about outside terrorism because we are going to self-destruct. And I think that is why we are losing our marriages, we are losing our children and we are going to ultimately going to lose our country. We need to learn how to work together with people who are quite different from us.

At the beginning of the movie, Paula Patton’s character (Sabrina) makes a promise to God that if He gets her out of a certain situation (with or without dignity), she would save herself for her future husband. What words of encouragement can you give to young women who have made this same promise to God and still waiting for their husband to find them?

I thought it was an important discussion to have in the movie that real love is not deterred by that restriction but proves itself in the waiting process. It is important to say this. The other strong point to be made is that Hollywood gives us all kinds of illustrations of people who turn promiscuous. We see it every day on every soap opera. We see teenage pregnancy and various diseases. We see people going down that path but the reality is there are millions of people in this country who are really slowing down because of all of those reasons; their spirituality, and the frustration of giving all that you have to someone who just sees you as a notch on their belt. We never see any illustrations of people who are going the other way. The film industry wants us to think it’s a one way street but Jumping the Broom says it’s a two way street. So, the other side of it is you can change your life. I live in a world where people change every day. I work with people who were incarcerated [and I help] them to reintegrate back into society. I see people who were teenage pregnancy cases reintegrate back into society and [are] changing their lives. It is perfectly appropriate, if you are going to talk about redemption, to show the before and after illustrations of people who turned and went the other way.

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