T.D. Jakes' Movie Takes Ministry to Hollywood

T.D. Jakes encourages audiences to support "Jumping the Broom" for week two.

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I have to ask, “What’s next for T.D. Jakes?”

How much time do you have? Several things. Sacred Love Songs is coming out. It’s themed around the movie. The cut El DeBarge did in the movie is on the Sacred Love Songs track. We got together Ledisi, Joe, Karen Clark Sheard, Bishop Paul Morton, Micah Stampley, and Fred Hammond. When I was growing up, people even [in] the secular world sung about love. You know, “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady.” Now they are singing about sex. Let’s bring some songs themed around this movie and do Sacred Long Song since we have not done it for 10 years. This project is coming out May 31st and I’m real proud of it. We’ve also been “green lighted” to do a couple more films with Sony. We are shooting some movies made for television that we will start shooting in a couple of weeks. Things are looking good in terms of TD Jakes Enterprises. We are blazing a trail in terms of entertainment. One of the visions I had for the enterprise is for us to do innovative and cutting edge things in the way of family-oriented entertainment. Something you could bring your grandmother to or your teenage son to and use it as a teaching opportunity.

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