T.D. Jakes' Movie Takes Ministry to Hollywood

T.D. Jakes encourages audiences to support "Jumping the Broom" for week two.

BY: Lakesha Gadson

Lakesha Gadson: Bishop Jakes, it’s an honor to speak with you today. Congratulations on having this weekend’s Number 3 movie in the Box Office charts and the Number 1 comedy in the nation topping “Something Borrowed.” Wow, how does it feel about that accomplishment?

Bishop Jakes: Well, I’m absolutely thrilled about this accomplishment. We exceeded all expectation and projections on our own team as well as Hollywood in general. I really think this indicates that a movie which was made for a fraction of the cost of what its competitors were made with still did incredibly well. [It] speaks to the quality of the film and how much the people enjoyed it.

What would you like people to do for week two?

I want them to come out for week two. They’ve gotten Hollywood’s attention which is victory already. But if they don’t come out this weekend, I think it will fail to have the impact we really wanted. We need them to come out and tell their friends about it. Encourage people who were doubtful to come see it. Some people are skeptical and won’t believe it until they see it. They get their verification from someone they trust. So I want to recruit everyone as volunteers to go out there and really beat the pavement and encourage everyone to make this weekend explode. I think we would have opened up the door for people to have jobs and to have opportunities and to tell our own stories.

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