Blair Underwood's Humbling, Exhilarating, Exciting, Daunting Role

The actor known for roles in 'L.A. Law' and 'Sex and the City' talks about voicing the role of Jesus in a new audio Bible.

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"The Bible Experience" features such megastars as Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and Angela Bassett, but it is Blair Underwood who nabbed the central role of Jesus in this audio CD of the New Testament. Underwood is perhaps best known for TV roles on "L.A. Law," "Sex and the City," and "The New Adventures of Old Christine." "The Bible Experience" is the second time he's played Jesus, following his 1992 role in the short film "The Second Coming." Since its release in October 2006, "The Bible Experience" has sold more than 250,000 copies. The Old Testament is scheduled to be released this fall.

Underwood spoke with Beliefnet about how he prepared to play the role of Jesus and about the place of faith, family, and prayer in his own life.

Listen to Scenes from "The Bible Experience":
The Birth of Jesus
John Baptizes Jesus
Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness

Listen to Blair Underwood :
Portraying Jesus in 'The Bible Experience'
His Personal Faith Journey
On Being a Child of God
Sharing His Prayer Life

Can you tell us a more about both your experiences playing the role of Jesus, in the short film and now the audio Bible?

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