Interview with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Will Michelle Continue to Have Children?

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

What do Michelle's doctors say about her having so many children? Is she healthy enough to continue to have children?

Michelle Duggar: The last time we delivered our baby, [my doctor] said my uterus looked wonderful. It was a transverse presentation, so we had to have a C-section. She said everything looked great. I'm just thankful that I have good health. I don't take that for granted. We're grateful for the baby that we're expecting right now.

Jim Bob Duggar: If you saw Michelle, you would think that this was her first pregnancy. She looks so great.

There was a really good article last week in the NY Daily News where they interviewed a doctor at a woman's medical research group and asked her about Michelle having all these children. I was really surprised--it was nothing but positive. The main research doctor said that Michelle probably would have less chance of having breast cancer, ovarian cancer and she went on to talk about how the uterus is a muscle and how quick it bounces back.

Michelle Duggar: She went on to express, too, that genetics have some things to do with it and there could be genetic issues with different individuals. But apparently, genetics are good in my situation to have children. That might not always be the case.

If health was to ever become a factor and you were advised not to have any more children, would you then subscribe to some sort of family planning method?

Michelle Duggar: I don't know. I'm not at that place. I guess we would just cross that bridge when we got there. If there was something that were life threatening for me, that would be a matter of prayer at that point.

Jim Bob Duggar: When Michelle [miscarried] it was just a heart change for both of us. It just broke our hearts. The change took place in our thinking back years ago with our view on children and this whole idea about who's really in charge--letting God be the one to give us life, give us children as He chooses.
And I've always left it up to Michelle, because it's her body and she's the one that's sacrificed to have all these children. But, we both really enjoy them and believe each one's a blessing from God. And each of the children is glad to be here.

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