Ernie Hudson: A Voice of Faith

The veteran actor, currently of NBC's "Heroes" and known for past roles in "Ghostbusters" and HBO's "Oz," talks about his new audio Bible project and his issues with how spirituality is portrayed on "Heroes."

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What was it like portraying Peter in the "Word of Promise" audio Bible project? Was there a pressure to perform a biblical character?

It was interesting, because the first part of the year I was doing a play on Broadway and the president came to see it and someone said, "Is there an added pressure?" I don't kind of feel that kind of pressure like "what if something goes wrong?" I think it felt more like a responsibility to bring whatever I believed, whatever honesty that I felt. I just felt it was to be aware and accept the responsibility that you're doing something that has significance greater than if it was just doing some book on tape. And it was that--but, I mean, it's the Bible.


I think I always really related to Paul. So, I was very thankful that I was asked to do that particular character.

What kind of characteristics about him do you see in yourself?

I felt that he was a genuine seeker and a true friend of Christ, and loyal, and well-meaning even though sometimes he had those human frailties.


I think that's what I find, certainly, in myself and in a lot of people. There are certain things that we aspire to and we really believe that we can step up. But, then, life happens and we sometimes [we] don't measure up to all that we think we can, but we try.


It's the human element of the character that I really liked. And yet, he loved Christ and Christ loved him, and that relationship was just very special.

Do you think this dramatization of the Bible is going to affect people different than when or if they just read it?

Yeah, I think there's an upside and a downside. The downside is when you read a book—any book, not just the Bible—you have these characters already in your mind. It sort of plays out. And then, when you hear them being portrayed by certain voices, it may change. It's almost like seeing a video of a song. When you had your own image going, then you see the video....

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