Tyler Perry Interview

Does Tyler Perry Go to Church?

Do you go to church?

It's really bad. It's so disrespectful. The last time I was in church was maybe New Year's and I was down on my knees--what we do at New Year's is we pray. And there are people slipping notes in my hands as I'm praying. It's so difficult now because I miss it.

It's not the same for me because when I go to some churches, the sermons become about me and they're mentioning me and talking. I just want to just go to church.

But, I have an amazing friend--her name is Bernice Davis, who is the most powerful preacher, minister. This woman knows the Bible like you would not believe. She's brilliant.

She was an atheist. Her mother was an old country woman like Madea who always talked about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And she was going to prove to her that there was no God.

So, she went on this quest studying every religion to come back to her mother and show her that there was no God. And she studied everything. And she got to Christianity and realized that she was wrong.

We have church. She texts me tons of Bible stories and Scriptures and we have church pretty much every day, so it works that way.


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