Most Inspiring Twitter Celebrity Users


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Most Inspiring Twitter Celebrity Users


We've selected the stars who use the micro-blogging service in the best way--to offer positive thoughts and advice to their followers. Click here to see who they are.

By Dena Ross

Twitter, the popular social networking tool where users post short messages (known as Tweets) of 140 characters or less, has taken the world by storm. An innovative way to keep in touch with friends and family, it's also proven effective at promoting services, events, people, media--really anything you can think of. Many celebrities are now using Twitter to inform their "followers" (other Twitter users who want to see their Tweets) of upcoming appearances, charitable work, and even mundane daily life events. Recently Demi Moore posted a photo of herself at the dentist, revealing she has a missing front tooth--something you probably wouldn't have seen otherwise.

And while some celebrities just use Twitter for additional publicity, others actually offer their followers valuable advice, tips, and encouragement. Some even follow and communicate with their fans on a daily basis.

Check out who we've selected as the 10 Most Inspiring Celebrity Twitter Users. Read short (140 characters, of course!)  bios and recent tweets, and find out how to follow the celebrities yourself. The first celebrity is...

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