Gold Medal-Winning Gymnast Shawn Johnson Pens Inspirational Story in Winning Balance

Former Olympian Shawn Johnson discusses life after retirement and how she hopes to encourage others to fulfill their dreams and find hope in her new book, Winning Balance.

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I can honestly say I don't know where I would be or the person I would have become, if it weren't for my family and friends. It is truly because of them that I have kept two feet on the ground and my head clear. They have pushed me when needed, comforted me when times got hard, and yes, put me back in my place when I lost my way. They are a true blessing and the most important part of my life.

Have other athletes pulled alongside you to offer encouragement over the years?

Many athletes have been a part of my life throughout my journey, as I have been in theirs. It's been more of a mutual friendship and support then anything. We've all celebrated in each other’s success and helped each other through the low points. No one knows what to say during the good times and bad better, then my teammates and athlete friends, because we all share a unique and similar bond through competitive sport.

If there was anything you could do over again, what would that be?

My life's motto.... "Everything happens for a reason." I honestly wouldn't take anything back or redo anything in my life. Things have happened how they were supposed to.

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