Being 'Still' with Lauren F. Winner

The author of 'Girl Meets God' writes on losing God and the curious path to find Him again

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Speaking of words like “veracious”, Winner doesn’t let you forget in all her girl-next-door that she is a college professor. While Still is very much an easy book to understand, readers might want to keep a dictionary handy. You’ll encounter a few new words that you rarely hear in conversation. However, it’s nothing you can’t keep up with. Her Notes are truly notes. Chapters are concise and sometimes just a few paragraphs of a thought or revelation as though she’s jotting them down as they come to her.

If you’re a lover of books like Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott or any other writers who are not afraid to unveil their imperfections in hopes of finding kindred spirits, then take this walk with Winner. You may find yourself in the pages right alongside her.

StillStill: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis

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