An 'American Idol' Star Shares 10 Tips for Happiness

Melinda Doolittle's Tips to Get You to Life's Next Level

Melinda Doolittle

By Melinda Doolittle

Fans of Melinda Doolittle know her as the third place finalist on the sixth season of "American Idol." Not only did Doolittle (or Mindy Doo, as she's also known) wow viewers, but she became the clear favorite of judge Simon Cowell--a major feat!

Doolittle is also an author, out with a new book "Beyond Me: Finding Your Way to Life's Next Level," which is full of life lessons and advice, many passed along to her from her mother, that have helped her along her journey.

Here she shares 10 tips for rising above tough times and becoming a happier person.

Adapted from "Beyond Me: Finding Your Way to Life's Next Level," © 2010 by Melinda Doolittle

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