Praying for the Part

In an excerpt from 'Breaking the Perfect 10,' Tracy Lindsey Melchior talks about landing her biggest role--with God's help.

For an actor there is nothing so wonderful as to work at your craft. The opportunities are limited, and it's a tough business. Just because you've had one success doesn't mean that you will work again.. I don't know how actors who aren't Christian survive. Well, some don't. They turn to whatever it takes to numb the pain--alcohol, drugs, and even suicide. If they do have the fortitude to hang on, then they likely will have to spend most of their time working in another profession, usually as a waiter, because that's one of the few jobs that will give you enough flexibility to take off for auditions.

I was one of the more fortunate ones who earned a living as an actor in commercials and an occasional guest star. I, like everyone else, was aspiring to get a regular part on a TV series or a film that might afford me a big break in the industry. I was working hard in my acting class and really beating the pavement to try to get a job, but nothing was happening. I had few auditions and didn't get any jobs at this time. At this point I was starting to point my feet in a different direction--God.

Unclear of whether I should go back to school or continue to pursue acting, I began to search the Bible for answers. One Sunday in the service, the pastor gave us a prayer to pray: "Dear Lord, I am your faithful servant, use me." I began to pray that prayer often. I was beginning to feel that maybe this business had no place for the morally elevated. I was at a crossroads in my life, searching for a career in psychology or possibly law, and this prayer could not have been given to me at a better time. Every day I felt lost, I lifted the prayer up to the Lord. I knew that I wanted to do something to serve, but I wasn't sure what.


This prayer also helped me because it was about asking for His will in my life as well as praying for an opportunity to serve. I longed to discover exactly where God wanted me to be. Through this prayer I also found my passion. I wanted to use my acting skills to reach teenage girls to prevent them from falling victims to their sexuality and to help them find their self-worth. I began to pray for these teenage girls and asked God to lead me to them.

A few days later my manager called. "I've got a great audition for you, Tracy. Aaron Spelling has decided to produce a daytime show for NBC. This is huge."

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