Embracing Change

BY: Juantia Bynum


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Do you know that you will never know what is in you until you're pressed out? Can you stand the pressure? Will you change for the better?

"Well, I never really finished school, and I'm trusting God to bless me with that."

College isn't in your house! You've got to get up and go to school. Nobody is going to knock on your door and say, "Excuse me. Did you want a Master's Degree? I sensed that in my heart when I was at the admissions office. Your name and address just came up in my spirit, and something told me to come and bestow one upon you." Yeah, right!

Just like Gideon, a lot of us need to lighten our load today. Gideon had too many people in his camp, and, therefore, had to forsake quantity in order to have quality. The people around him had to be the right kind of people. Being laden with too many of the wrong people is a sure-fire way to stunt your spiritual growth in God.

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