The Art of a Seeker

The paintings of artist Sohan Qadri--abstract, meditative, and brilliantly colorful--invite us to 'fall into silence.'

Sohan QadriInformed by Eastern spiritual traditions, the art of Sohan Qadri neither evokes thought nor connects the viewer to anything outside itself; like meditation, it turns the attention inwards. Qadri, 72, lives in Denmark and exhibits all over the world. Recently, his work was shown in New York's Sundaram Tagore Gallery, where he spoke with Vibhuti Patel.

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Ten paintings from "Seeker: The Art of Sohan Qadri"

What is your religious background?


I was born in a non-traditional Sikh family. My guru Bhikham Giri was a Tantric Vajrayana yogi. Vajrayana is a ritualized form of Buddhism, it's where Hinduism and Buddhism meet, Zen is its offshoot. In Tibet it's called Lotus Sutra.

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