'The Camino': A Book Chat with Shirley MacLaine

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peginlex: this sounds very much like the conversations with God books -- as far as creating our own reality -- is is along the same vein?

author_shirley_maclaine: Absolutely! I think we do, and that's the power of free will and the mind. But then anybody who's made a study of these spiritual issues comes out with the same conclusion.

kyatako: Shirley, I find your books very easy to understand. does writing come naturally to you? or is it something you found difficult at first?

author_shirley_maclaine: I had never written anything - maybe only ten letters in my life - when I first came out with "Don't Fall Off The Mountain"; but I learned to set my consciousness aside and let my higher self write them.


bbwall2: Have you ever had an out of body experience?

author_shirley_maclaine: Yes.

heather_d7: What was the most difficult part of the journey?

author_shirley_maclaine: The journey within self, which at first became tedious (because I walked 10 hours a day, 20 miles a day alone) and then I realized it was very important to walk alone and break through the tedium to the universe within, which we all have.

johnhowiehowe: Do you have any good projects in the works?


author_shirley_maclaine: I'm going to do a picture in July, with Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, and we're talking to Julie Andrews. It's a farce, it's beyond comedy it's so funny! It's the story of older actresses coming together to work again. And they can't stand each other. It was written by Carrie Fisher. And we're trying to get the technology up so that I will have streaming video in real time of the shoot. We do it in July. I do my qi gong every morning.


goldsun_blueearth_45fe: there are many approaches to the "healing power" (prayer and meditation come to mind)...what approach do you use?

author_shirley_maclaine: And it turns into a meditation. qi gong is body movement, when one allows one's higher self to dictate the movement, not the mind. I also take potassium, and try to drink a lot of water.

pawz2292: Do you believe pets are reincarnated people from our past?

author_shirley_maclaine: That is called "transmigration of souls." It's my understanding that that has not existed for some millions of years. But I do believe that pets incarnate again. I have a little dog right now that I believe that happened to.

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