A Talk with Moby

By Paul Raushenbush

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Moby's music has such spiritual power of persuasion that it creates not just fans but followers. For a time, I was one of them.

This Connecticut native, a direct descendant of Herman Melville, has evolved from early-80s rocker, as a member of Flipper and Ultra Vivid Scene, into a versatile D.J., mixing the house, jungle and techno styles of dance music. His single "Go" was named one of the top 200 records of all time by Rolling Stone; and the breakbeat version of the James Bond theme (from his album "I Like to Score") reached the top ten in England.


Last summer, as the buzz built about his album, "Play," the press described him as a Christian, a vegan, and a spiritual D.J who urges concert goers to 'lift themselves to heaven'. I figured it was time for me to take a closer look at the artist I'd been vaguely aware of for a decade.

From the moment I put the album on, I fell in love with the music--just as Moby says he hopes for in the interview below. The album, now gold or platinum in 10 countries, offers an intense blend of Moby's previous styles, from dance to rock, to gospel-centered spirituals. My devotion peaked when I saw the video for "Natural Blues," whose sincere, spiritual portrait is unlike anything else in the cynically posturing MTV rotation. I became a convert, a disciple.

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