Linking Your Groups Together

Does your organization have many small groups? Here’s how to connect them all in the Beliefnet Community.

Churches and large organizations can link all of their member groups together with a variety of tools. Use the three tips below to give your groups a uniform style and make them easily linkable and searchable within the Beliefnet Community.

Choose a unifying tag:

When a group leader creates a page, he or she can choose a special “tag” to identify the group. These tags should be a single, unique word specific to your organization—for example FirstPresbyterianChurchofAkron or DaytonTuesdayBibleStudy. Once you’ve decided on this unique tag, have every group leader use the same tag in their own group profile, and your groups will be linked together. Put this tag in the “Interests” field of the group profile.

Choose a common page design:


Every group profile on Beliefnet can be put into a special "skin" of your choosing. Pick from various colors and design elements—we're unveiling new skins all the time! To link your groups, simply have each group leader choose the same skin when they create their profile so that your groups can have the same look and feel. Do you have suggestions for page themes and designs? Please email us with your feedback at


Create a donation badge:

Every small group in the Beliefnet Community can create a donation badge that group members can click on to easily donate money to a church, charity organization, or cause. Every member group within an organization can use the same donation badge so that all of the donated funds can go to the same account, whether the "Tithes and Offerings" fund for a church, or a dedicated charity or outreach effort. Create your own donation badge by following

these instructions

, then share the code for your badge with other small groups within your organization.

Coming Soon:

Church and Organization Home Pages

– Showcase or catalogue several groups in one place with an organization home page.

Church and Organization Content Feeds
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