Ptolemy Tompkins

Ptolemy TompkinsPtolemy Tompkins is a Senior Editor for the Guideposts magazine, Angels on Earth.

His column for Beliefnet is titled "The Winged Life."

Columns by Ptolemy Tompkins

When Pets Cross the Rainbow Bridge
Did pets go to heaven? I set out to explore the topic and came upon a comforting pet poem titled "The Rainbow Bridge."

Where's Lucy?
What can television, the TV show "I Love Lucy," and the brain teach us about life on earth?

The Egg's Promise
We think about eggs more than usual during the Easter season, but eggs are more extraordinary than we may think.

The Knowing Heart
Why is love so important? What is it about love that sets us apart and sets the angels apart?

Warp and Weft
A man, a rug, and a warped view of life

A Butterfly Is Born
The butterfly is a resilient role model that can teach us how to be soulful, determined, and courageous in times of change.

The Message of the Seashell
Wondrous beauty can be found on the world's beaches, small and miraculous souvenirs of heaven's beauty.

Heaven Is a Rose
Is a rose really just a rose? Or does the fragrant, blossoming beauty show us the deeper mystery and meaning of ourselves?

The Emerald's Allure
Is green the color of heaven and the angels? Green has significant, spiritual meanings--in nature, in various faiths and cultures, and even in the Wizard of Oz.

Ordinary Stardust
We're all unique, individual parts of a greater universe, and big, red U-shaped magnets from my childhood helped me realize this.

A Pitiless Brightness
Does death that brings us darkness? Or does this world, with its dim shadows and bleak moments, bring darkness?? What brings us to real light?

Beach Reading
On the sands, we reveal different sides of ourselves to the public--our physical attributes, our spiritual leanings, our intellectual interests--through the conscious revealing of our bodies and the unconscious display of our chosen books for summer reading.

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