By Padmini Mangunta

Pain is more than a physical consequence of an accident or disease. It’s also a guide to your body and ways it might be in trouble. How you manage and cope with pain can also reflect your emotional state, personal habits, and even your outlook on life.

Take this quiz and find out your pain personality.


You believe pain can be a useful tool in managing your health.


You’re excited to attend a friend’s birthday, but you develop a bad headache an hour before leaving the house. You:


At work you’re given a highly competitive project that you’ve been excited about for weeks. You:


While out on an afternoon hike with friends, you pull a muscle in your leg. When your friends offer you various over-the-counter pain relievers, you:


How do you research the causes and cures for your pain symptoms?


Do you believe pain can be controlled by your mind?


You’ve just had an emotionally painful fight with your significant other. You respond by:


What is your view on pain?


What are your views on painkillers?


How do you respond when your doctor warns you to make a change to your health habits?

Your result is:
Ouch. Pass the Painkillers Please
Being scared of any and all pain can be just as bad as ignoring it. While there’s nothing wrong with taking over-the-counter pain relievers every now and then, don’t go overboard. Not only can they be harmful to your health, they can mask symptoms and insulate you from the warning signals your body is trying to send.
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Your result is:
Pain Isn't So Bad -- And Sometimes Useful
You have a healthy attitude towards pain, and your body thanks you for it! While you aren’t overly dependent on pain relievers, you aren’t a martyr either. Keep listening to your body – when you feel pain, it is generally a sign your body is trying to tell you something.
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Your result is:
Pain? Pain Is for Wimps!
Pain? What’s pain? While you’d prefer to ignore the telltale warning signs from your body, you do so at your own risk. Pain isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it is your body’s way of protecting you from serious damage. So stop blocking out the pain and start using it as a tool for better health.
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