When you have moments of downtime for reflection, are you left with a lingering sense of unease about your life's direction?


Is a disproportionate amount of your time spent on activities that are not rewarding or deplete you energy level?


Do you feel that you are short-changing key relationships in your life?


Do you feel you are missing opportunities to learn and grow because your day-to-day focus is too narrow?


Do you wish that you could devote more time to meaningful activities or a cause that you believe in?


Do you often feel that you have no time for yourself–to maintain your health, be with your friends, or travel?


Do you feel that you never get enough sleep, that you wake up tired, lacking energy?


Does your career or vocation fail to meet your needs–provide enjoyment, prestige, and opportunity for advancement?


Do you feel that you are overwhelmed, under too much pressure, and are ready for a meltdown?


Do you feel that the current mix of the components in your life leaves you feeling unfulfilled?

Your result is:
In Bloom
You are a beautifully blooming plant with room to grow. You are comfortable and happy in your current lifestyle.
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Your result is:
Tangled Roots
Your roots are starting to feel cramped in your current lifestyle. You probably have a sense that things are not quite right, but don't know what to do about it. You may be a good candidate for the repotting process.
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Your result is:
Room for Improvement
Your current environment is not conducive to your personal growth. You need more nourishment and space to bring your life more meaning and happiness. The 10 steps of repotting should help.
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