You've heard it your whole life: "Focus!" But centering yourself and finding that focus is sometimes more difficult than it seems. Too little, and your life seems unmanageable — too much and you may begin to feel like a tightly wound yo-yo. Take this quiz and find out if you need more balance in your life.


Your typical workday morning consists of:


You work at a desk all day, so you take breaks to:


What’s the first thing you read each morning?


What’s your personal definition of a goal?


How many items do you multi-task at one time?


You’re standing in line at the bank and you’ve been waiting for 30 minutes. You finally:


How would you describe your desk, at home or at the office?


How long can you generally stay focused in meetings?


When you’re given an assignment, whether for a bake sale or a big meeting at work, you:


You are generally the:


How often have you failed to complete an important request because you never heard it in the first place?


When your friend comes to you with a problem, you:


Your pantry is usually:

Your result is:
Scattered Focus, Scattered Life
As your to-do list grows longer and longer, and you may feel unable to get a grip on things. Make some small changes to your life to bring order to the chaos. Try a healthier diet (cut down on fast food and caffeine) to clear your body and mind. Pick one task you’d like to achieve each week instead of five. And talk to your friends and family so they can help and support you as you implement these changes to your life.
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Your result is:
Perfecting a Juggling Act
Your life isn’t perfect, but then again, whose is? You know when to focus on work and when to focus on life. Taking care of your body is important to you – though if you’re honest, sometimes you let healthy living slide a bit. Keep walking down the path you’re on, and remember that finding balance is a lifelong journey.
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Your result is:
Ducks Lined Up in a Perfect Row
Finding focus isn’t your problem, but isn’t it time to relax your grip a bit? No one’s life can be perfect, so you may want to stop trying so hard to make everything just right.
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