When you and your friends get together, would you rather:


When the topic of aging comes up in conversation, do you typically:


When you talk about your life's dreams, do you:


When you spend time with younger members of your family, do you mostly:


In any given day, how much time do you spend thinking about aging?


How do you feel about anti-aging products?


What do you regret most?


Which statement best describes your general outlook on life?


How do you release stress?


When someone compliments your appearance, do you:


When you think of family, friends, or pets who have died, do you:


If a friend invites you to go rock climbing, would you:

Your result is:
Graceful Age

You are doing a wonderful job of aging with grace, balance, and hope. You are connected in a healthy way to friends and family, see your life as having good stuff both behind and ahead of you, and aren't fighting the natural progress of life into this next, beautiful stage.  Keep walking forward, and keep up your inspired outlook.

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Your result is:
Reaching for Grace

You know what aging gracefully would look like, but sometimes you have to stop, take a breath, and remind yourself that there's reason to look forward to the years ahead.

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Your result is:
Working on It

You aren't completely in denial, but you could use some guidance on looking ahead with optimism, hope, and acceptance.

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Your result is:
Kicking and Screaming

Simply put, you do not want to get older. Fighting that inevitable process, though, is an emotionally and physically draining proposition, and you could use some perking up.

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