3. Give yourself permission to be happy.

Just because others are unhappy doesn’t mean you need to be too. You will also face periods of unhappiness in life, so if you are in a position where things in your life are positive, enjoy it. You will also be serving as an example for others and showing them that happiness is possible.

4. Push back at guilt.

Feeling guilty for not being miserable or not having problems is counterproductive. While you may have friends or loved ones who are in heart-breaking situations, the fact that you are not is something to be thankful for and not feel guilty about.

Sad or negative things are a part of life - we simply can’t get around that. But we can make a point to enjoy those times in our lives when things are going well. Sometimes that is far harder to do than we even realize, however. So if you find that you, like the woman I mentioned above, feel like you are drowning in sadness that isn’t yours, take a moment to recognize your own happiness and own it – you earned it. Then find ways you can be supportive without sacrificing your own mental health and well-being.