What do you like to do first thing in the morning?


When you come home from a long day at work, the first thing you want to do is:


I turn to yoga most when:


What inspired you to try yoga for the first time?


Pranayama (breathing practice) is:


I think power yoga:


Do you chant in Sanskrit as part of your yoga practice?


People who use yoga as a relaxation technique:


How do you choose a yoga class?


What do you think is most important in a yoga teacher?


Outside of yoga class, how much do you consider yoga part of your lifestyle?


After a yoga class, how do you feel?

Your result is:
Traditional Yogi
You do not practice yoga because it's a hot trend; you're drawn to its endurance through 5,000 years of Indian culture. You seek out teachers who are educated in the traditional yogic practice, philosophy, and spirituality, and you feel connected to an ancient, time-tested tradition whenever you chant in Sanskrit or use yoga to strengthen your mind-body connection. For you, yoga isn't just something you do in class; it's a part of every moment of every day.

Has Yoga Strayed Too Far from its Indian Roots?
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Your result is:
Spiritual Seeker Yogi
You consider yourself to be a spiritual person, open to wisdom from a number of religious and spiritual traditions, so yoga is an important part of your life. You may not be interested in chanting in Sanskrit per se, but you do feel the spiritual benefits of chanting, breathing, and stretching during your yoga practice. You try to cultivate a meditative lifestyle, and yoga is one of the ways you relax, focus, and connect to your spiritual self.

Learning from Other Yoga Traditions
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Your result is:
Athletic Yogi
Spirituality is something you get elsewhere in your life. When you step into a yoga class, you're there to sweat. Bikram (hot) and power yoga are where you feel most comfortable, because you leave feeling like you've gotten a great workout. You see the spiritual benefits of yoga, and you may even enjoy them, but you wouldn't do yoga if you didn't like the effect it has on your muscle tone.

Which Yoga is Right for You?
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Your result is:
Experimental Yogi
You are intrigued by anything new, fun, different, and even weird. Laughing yoga? You're there. A sensual Tantra class? You say, "sign me up." You see yoga as an area of your life where you can go beyond your comfort zone, get adventurous, and see where the moment takes you.

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