Do you think weight loss has anything to do with spirituality?


Have you asked God to help you lose weight?


What is your primary reason for wanting to lose weight?


How do you reward yourself for meeting a weight loss goal?


How do you feel after you falter, i.e. splurge on your favorite fattening treat?


What's the biggest key to successfully losing weight?


On your bookshelf, you have:


How do you feel after you exercise?


Would you ever join a spiritual weight loss group?


How would you describe your relationship with food?


Besides weight loss, what other personal goals have you set for yourself?

Your result is:

For you, the body and the spirit are two different things. They exist separately and are nourished differently. The best way for you to lose weight is to follow a diet and exercise program that addresses your physical needs and is specifically tailored for your body type and eating habits.

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Your result is:

You see some connection between your physical and spiritual selves. You're open-minded and willing to experiment with different ways of losing weight. You might try a diet plan that has spiritual elements, but your main concern is taking care of your physical health.

Learn more about spirituality and weight loss on Beliefnet's weight loss page.

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Your result is:

When it comes to fitness, you're sure nothing can be accomplished with the body unless the mind and spirit are in alignment. While you wouldn't necessarily ask God to make you thin, your spirituality gives you the tools you need to adhere to a fitness plan and take care of your body.

You might want to sign up for Norris Chumley's Joy of Weight Loss program on Beliefnet.

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