After a delicious, hearty, and extremely rich dinner with the family, you:


Your boss shot down your ideas in today’s meeting, your son’s ride home from soccer practice just cancelled, and you just ripped your favorite skirt. You immediately:


You want a new outfit, and you've narrowed it down to three choices. You pick:


You're invited to a wedding and there's an open bar. You don't know anyone. You decide to:


Where does the art of relaxation fit into your priorities?


The best way to describe your eating schedule is:


Your doctor asks you at your yearly checkup what your exercise habits are and you:


Your favorite drink to quench your thirst is:


Your solution to a rough night of sleep is:


Your favorite meal is:

Your result is:
Cool as a Cucumber
Wow. You’re making all the right choices and your reward is a cool, calm stomach. Continue the path you’re on and make heartburn an unfamiliar presence in your life.
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Your result is:
Your Diet Has Some Hotspots
Though you've found yourself suffering more than once because of your dietary and lifestyle choices, you haven't taken the proper steps to find a solution. Take steps to change this after reading our Healthy, Heartburn-Free recipe gallery.
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Your result is:
Slow Burn
While you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you often lapse into some bad habits. This can increase your risk factors and make heartburn a regular - and unwelcome - presence in your life. Start making some small changes in your diet—try exploring our collection of heartburn-healthy recipes.
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