Stress relief was crucial. “I slowed wayyyyy down. I didn’t go out as much, I didn’t work so hard, I stopped taking care of “the whole world” and began taking more care of myself. I was much more reflective and much less active.”

She has learned that “I am capable of knowing and discerning what is right for me.”

“I also learned, big time, that although it is well and good to care for others, to “take care of them” – ie, to feel responsible for their well-being – especially when it is at the expense of my own well-being, is terribly unwise. I had to learn that I was as worthy of care as everyone else.

I am also learning that it is quite all right for me to follow my own path even when it appears others have a different image of what my life should look like. This is HUGE for me. I am beginning to live a more authentic life. And that feels sooooooo good!”

She advises the readers here: “Please, please, start eating “real” food. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. (Some say that as much as half of our diet should be fruits and vegetables.) Supplement your diet with legumes, whole grains, and nuts and seeds. Whenever possible, eat local and/or organic food.

Avoid any kind of toxic exposure to the best of your ability. This includes cleaning supplies, weed killers, pesticides (bug spray), cigarette smoke, radiation, even some hair products, makeup, nail polish, etc. And then (because it’s too hard to avoid it all), take supplements and do things which help you to detoxify.

Maintain a health weight, exercise, keep oxygenated – especially if, like me, you have never born or nursed any children. You are at a significantly higher risk if your breasts have never prepared themselves for lactation. “

Remember that you are worthy of excellent self-care.

Most of all, STOP doing the things that cause you distress and anxiety and START doing the things that your soul is urging you to do. If you have “always wanted to do something,” please stop procrastinating. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! Not only is it the way to greater happiness, it will most definitely impact your health in a positive way.