Drink more tea.

There is good news for tea drinkers. The polyphenols or compounds found in black tea can prevent bacteria growth and bad breath. Black tea may inhibit tooth decay as well. The benefits for tea drinkers gets better as tea can ward off bacteria that could cause strep throat. Green tea also has fantastic benefits and can help fight bacteria in the mouth and in the body. It can “fight viruses as well as cancer, including pancreas, colon, bladder, prostate and breast cancer,” WebMD shared.

Nature has provided an abundance of tools for us to remain healthy. Everything thing is connected and when there is an issue with bad breath there could be a deeper problem. If you have a cold, are anxious (may cause dry mouth) or if you have diabetes--bad breath may be present. See your dental care provider if it is chronic. For the occasional bout of bad breath, reach for raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, teas and drink plenty of water to avoid dry mouth. If you want to avoid the risk of bad breath cut back on coffee, fish, alcohol and smoking.