How to keep Spleen Meridian strong.

Now you know just how crucial spleen can be to getting, and staying happy, here’s a few easy things you can do to keep it strong and healthy:

• Pray on it – God can move mountains, even if you’re still stuffing in the microwave meals and living next to a nuclear reactor.

• Make sure you're giving and getting enough healthy compassion in your life.

• Do your best to avoid or minimize the stuff that's wiping it out (and if you’re not sure what that is, re-read Fact 2, above, to remind you).

• Exercise regularly – dancing for at least five mad minutes is the single best way to instantly give your Happy Energy a boost.

• Use a simple energy technique (described below) to strengthen the Spleen Meridian. A super-easy technique to strengthen spleen energetically: Tap the spleen pressure points.

A great, easy way to strengthen your Happy Energy is to regularly tap or rub the Spleen acupressure and neurolymphatic points. These points are located just under your boobs, in front, or at the side of your boobs. Tap whichever area feels more tender – the more energy has got blocked or trapped there, the more it will hurt.

The stronger Spleen Meridian is, the happier you’ll feel.

It’s been a best-kept secret for millennia, but keeping your Spleen Meridian strong and vibrant could well be the missing piece of the puzzle, when it comes to beating the blues.

Junk food, stress and angry people probably aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, so in the meantime you need to take precautions to keep your Happy Energy strong. Be aware that if you’re feeling down and depressed, a weak or blocked Spleen Meridian is almost certainly a prime cause of the problem, and that there’s a whole bunch of holistic things you can do to get it pumped-up, and working properly again.